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My 30 days to healthy looking skin, the Arbonne way!


Below are all the skincare products that are included in my personal 30 days to healthy skin!

I have extended my 30 days to 60 due to there being 60 days worth

of product in the Arbonne Intelligence Nightly Resurfacing Pads!


Day Regime:

Cleanse: Smoothing Facial Cleanser

Tone: Regenerating Toner

Serum: Intensive Renewal Serum

Eyes: Corrective Eye Cream

Moisturise: Extra Moisture Restorative Cream SPF 20

Night Regime:

Cleanse: Smoothing Facial Cleanser

Exfoliate: Arbonne Intelligence Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads

Serum: Intensive Renewal Serum

Eyes: Corrective Eye Cream

Moisturise: Night Repair Cream





All of our formulations start by carefully picking the right botanical that provides functional benefits — sometimes it’s a household name and sometimes it’s a groundbreaking discovery, but it’s always backed by research. We extract the greatest benefits in a sustainable way whenever possible.


Our high ethical and quality standards are guided by a stringent Ingredient Policy that prohibits over 2,000 ingredients, such as PEGs, parabens and phthalates, and some of the most common allergens. We seek third party certifications to ensure transparency and proof of our commitments.


We collaborate with the leading experts in integrative medicine and holistic health. Our Scientific Advisory Board brings their guidance and expertise to our portfolio and education. Our passionate Consultant community includes healthy living advocates who also lend their diverse expertise to our brand.


We subject our products to rigorous testing for safety and efficacy. We continually raise our standards, leveraging the latest innovations in science and research to create formulas that are aligned with our product philosophy. We are confident that our products live up to their claims and deliver incredible results.

My Results



I signed up to be an Arbonne Independent Consultant before lock-down as I was intrigued by their healthy living program to trial personally and I have always wanted to bring nutritional products into Polished at some stage.

When I first looked at the Arbonne website I noticed everything else they had on offer!  Skincare, make-up, hair care and much more!

So since April 11th I have been using the RE9 and Arbonne Intelligence skincare, some make-up and then as of May 1st I started my 30 days to healthy living – click here for more information about my 30 days to healthy living.

In all the years that I have been a Beauty Therapist, I have NEVER come across a skincare range that delivers quite like Arbonne does.

After having Wilfred in August 2019 I did give up on taking care of my skin so during lock-down I have been determined to start a good regime again and stick to it religiously and I have been blown away by the results!

Everyday I wake up feeling like I have just had a facial and my skin looks and feels just as good as it does after having our signature H20 Glow facial!  So as you can imagine what I am thinking!!!

What a combination they will be!!!

If you would like more information about any of the Arbonne products then please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at director@polishedsurrey.co.uk


Best Wishes

Amy x


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