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PHASE THREE – This is our most up to date information

General Information:

PPE for clients:

PPE for staff:


Water dispensers will be available with disposable cups for before and after your treatment only.

Hand Washing Facilities for Godalming:

Our open plan sink area upstairs is set up as the hand washing area if you are attending an appointment for a manicure or waxing please use it prior to your appointment. Anti-bacterial hand wash will be supplied along with one-use hand towels to dry your hands, a laundry bag and hand sanitiser. Upon arrival for any treatments being carried out upstairs you must go straight to this area via our back door and follow our hand washing protocol. A hand sanitising station is set up on our reception desk if you are attending a pedicure appointment so please arrive and sanitise your hands.

Entering the Godalming branch:

If you are attending a manicure or a waxing appointment you must enter via the back door and go straight upstairs. If you are attending a pedicure appointment you must enter via the front door. If the front door is locked then please wait outside. If it is raining please feel free to stand under the archway. If you have a number of treatments booked in then please go by your first treatment (your confirmation texts will be sent in order of your treatments).

Entering the building is only permitted if you have an appointment unless we have a member of staff working on reception.

Online Booking:

Please note that when it asks for your card details it does not charge your card, we have to manually do that in-salon once you have had your treatment. It just stores your card details.  You must agree to our online booking terms and conditions by confirming your appointments with your card details otherwise your appointment will be automatically cancelled and given to someone on our waiting list.

Treatments Available during August:

Treatments Available from 1st September:

Please out check our website for our updated facial list!

If you have a ‘Limited Edition’ facial voucher that was purchased in 2019/2020 then please get in touch so we can run through your options. A lot of our facial products have gone passed the expiry dates unfortunately so we have some alternative treatments on offer.

Our website will be updated tomorrow and it will have all the information about which treatments are safe for us to carry out during August, September and October. Please do not book any treatments for your face using our online booking system during August. Please do not ask for any special requests.

Manicures and Pedicures:

Manicure/pedicure kits will be provided at a small fee of £5.95 for clients and stored at the salon in a labelled zip bag. Each kit will contain your own, buffer, toe separators, natural nail file, orange stick and abrasive file. This is essential and it’s the safest, most hygienic way we can carry out nail treatments. This is a one of fee and the individual products in the kits will rarely need to be replaced but we will advise you when a replacement is needed.

We will be operating from 6 manicure desks so there will be a safe distance between each desk at all times.

We will be operating from 3 pedicure stations instead of 4 so there will be a safe distance between each station at all times.



We are allowing 15 minute intervals between clients to sanitise and return calls/reply to emails but if you don’t hear from us during the day you will do at the end of the day or the following morning.

At this stage no pre-payment is required as we don’t have the facility to do this other than via bank transfer which has become pretty stressful so if you have paid via bank transfer then thank you but if you haven’t yet and you have an appointment coming up then please don’t pay via bank transfer.

There will be a covid-19 form to fill in upon arrival but please do not attend your appointment if you start to feel unwell or you have been around anyone that has started to feel unwell.

Gift vouchers:

I regret to inform you that we cannot take any gift vouchers as payments during August. We would have been shut for 4 months and unfortunately the first stages of us being open is a case of sink or swim and if we are inundated with requests to use gift vouchers as payments then we will simply sink.

VIP Memberships and any Pre-Paid Treatment bundles:

I regret to inform you that we cannot take any VIP Membership bookings or pre-paid treatment bundles during August for the same reasons as the gift vouchers.


As most of you know we operate a no refund policy but on this occasion, depending on the circumstances refunds will be considered.

20% Off Tuesdays:

We wont be operating the 20% off Tuesdays until further notice

FULL Loyalty Cards:

We wont be accepting full loyalty cards until further notice

We are now up to date with replying to any emails that were sent during lockdown and we can now reply to any new emails on a daily basis, so you should get a reply within 24 hours of sending your email at the very latest.

Please do not hesitate to email back with any queries or any further questions about how we will be keeping you safe post lockdown.

Please inform me if i have missed anything you feel is important as i know 100% i would have!

And once you have visited us if you have any feedback will would be very grateful to hear it!

I really hope we have an amazing first month back so that some of the restrictions can be lifted as soon as possible as I know it will be frustrating to hear some of the above information.

I am doing the best I can to get Polished running as smoothly as possible during quite possibly the most stressful time I have ever had since Polished opened back in 2011!

No one is right or wrong in this kind of situation and I am doing what I think is best for you as clients and my staff and quite frankly most of it is a guessing game!

Please if possible refrain from complaining about any of our TEMPORARY changes that have been forced upon us due to lost revenue, lost employees, government guidelines, policies and protocols, we don’t have the same business we did 4 months ago, it almost feels like we are brand new and that we have got to build it all up again.

Please be kind, compassionate and understanding that we only have so many hours in the day and so many pairs of hands so we will book you in as soon as it is possible and we are still trying to recover from battle number one and our next battle of staying afloat hasn’t even begun yet.

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